4 Christmas Themed Horror Movies for a Scary Holiday Season

4 Christmas Themed Horror Movies for a Scary Holiday Season

A horror movie with bloody gore, murderers, and ghosts may not scream festive Christmas spirit but the love for scary movies is forever, regardless of what time of the year it is. During the merriest and wonderful time of the year, Christmas-themed scary movies run in a gamut, from people killing Santa Clause to Santa Clause being the murderous killer. In the land of horror movies, it is truly a holly-jolly holiday this time of the year.

If you are bored of watching the typical Christmas movies in which everyone is cheery and the movie ends on a happy note, a horror movie could be a fun twist. Not all horror movies are downright scary, especially when it comes to the ones that have a Christmas theme. We have compiled a list of movies for you ranging from horror-comedies to low-budget thrillers.

Get ready, the below-mentioned list will help you make your Christmas movie night a little spooky and thrilling. You can watch some of these movies on TV as well but make sure you have subscribed to a DISH Channel Package so that you can access as many channels on your TV as you want.

Now let’s dive into the list of some of the best Christmas horror movies of all time that you can enjoy watching with your family or friends this holiday season.

  • Silent Night, Bloody Night

This is an American slasher film based on a mansion that used to be a mental asylum. The mansion is inherited by a man, who visits the place on Christmas Eve in 1970 with his mistress and assistant, only to find out that some mysterious deaths have taken place there. As the man tries to investigate those deaths, some horrifying secrets about the place are revealed that not only send shivers down his spine but also end up scaring the town’s people. Despite being released almost 50 years ago, the visual effects of this movie are horrifying enough to scare everyone.

  • The Lodge

This is a psychological horror thriller based on a woman named Grace Marshal, who was raised by a cult and was the only survivor of mass suicide. Grace is soon to marry a curious book researcher named Richard, who leaves his wife, Laura to marry Grace, which leads to his wife committing suicide as she hears the news of him remarrying.

After six months of Laura’s death, Ricard decides to spend Christmas with Grace’s family in a lodge in Massachusetts with his two children. At the lodge, a series of horrifying events take place revealing Grace’s past. This movie proves to be suitable for all scary movie fanatics who would love to kick start the holiday season with a good scare.

  • Better Watch Out

This is a Christmas-themed psychological horror film based on a babysitter named Ashley who attempts to save a 12-year-old boy, Luke from an intruder in the house. But as she lays down a series of plans to save the child she learns a shocking secret that reveals how this home invasion is very different from a typical home invasion. The movie will take you on a roller coaster of shock and thrills. It may be far from your typical Christmas movie but the Christmas lights and snow in the background of the movie will give you the holiday feel.

  • The Children

This is a horror-thriller film where a couple along with their three children go to visit their relatives during the holidays in their isolated country home. As the story progresses the children one by one turn against their parents and starts acting violently. This is a spine-chilling and unsettling horror film with disturbing but effective scares.

Wrapping Up

Christmas is almost always about all things merry but you can add a bit of a scary element this year by having a horror Christmas movie marathon. The above-mentioned are some of our favorite picks for this season. Just get some hot cocoa and a warm cozy blanket and have a horror movie marathon with your loved ones this holiday season.


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