11 Signs That You Need An SEO Audit

11 Signs That You Need An SEO Audit

Both websites and SEO strategies should always be kept updated to ensure everything is on the correct path. When left unchecked, outdated strategies and website design will have a negative effect on a brand’s online marketing goals. This is where the SEO Washington DC company suggests an SEO audit.

Audits are usually seen as a bad thing because of its association to complicated tax matters, but in the world of SEO, it is actually a good thing. Here are some signs that indicate an SEO audit should be scheduled soon:

#1 – Website Missing From The Google Result Page

A good SEO strategy should earn your website at the very least a ranking on the second results page. Anything below and an audit should be done immediately.

#2 – Lack Of Organic Website Traffic

When it is evident that the traffic coming from your website isn’t coming from search engines like Google or Yahoo, a full audit is needed. Organic traffic is a sign of online prosperity, the lack of it means there is clearly something wrong behind the scenes.

#3 – Traffic Doesn’t Result In Conversion

The goal of any SEO Washington DC agency is to increase organic traffic to increase conversion rates. If the website is seeing a lot of traffic, but these do not result in sales or conversion, an audit can help determine the reasons why so that you can make the necessary changes.

#4 – PPC Isn’t Generating Sales

When the pay-per-click ads cost more than what it is generating, there is something amiss. A specialist might be needed, but this can only be confirmed after an SEO audit is finished.

#5 – High Bounce Rates

A “bounce” is when a visitor quickly leaves the website after opening the link. This means they either did not find what they wanted or got frustrated with something. An audit will reveal the possible reasons for the bounce rate so your SEO team can solve the issue.

#6 – Launching A New Website

It is highly recommended to do a full audit before launching a new website to ensure everything is in place and nothing has been left out.

#7 – Lack Of Web Activity

In cases where there is excellent web traffic but there is zero activity on the page, an audit will help uncover the reason why there is no website activity at all.

#8 – Relying To Tools And Plug-ins

Apps, tools, and plugins are helpful and can make managing a website easier, but using too many can result in a mess. If you are guilty of relying on too many tools to launch the website, schedule an audit ASAP to fix all the issues harming your ranking.

#9 – Rank Is Slipping

Ring the alarm because slipping from the ranks calls for an immediate audit to prevent your website from slipping further.

#10 – Stagnant Traffic

The moment the traffic hits a dead end and becomes stagnant your current SEO tactics will need reviewing and possibly changing.

#11 – Inconsistent Search Results

If visitors are finding your website randomly or when they searched for something irrelevant, the inconsistency must be audited to fix the problem.

SEO audits aren’t bad, in fact, they will help your online marketing success. Schedule an audit if you notice any of the signs mentioned above.

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